Gitlab-ce (community edition) with RSA SecureID

Hello Forum,

We are needing to integrate gitlab-ce 16.3.0 with RSA SecurID Authentication Manager 8.7. All running on the premises.

Has anyone advise me on this and if this is possible?


Not familiar with the RSA product, but a Google search unveiled options with SSO in other tools.

The docs in RSA Authentication Manager Documentation - RSA Community explains it a bit more How RSA Authentication Manager Protects Your Resources - RSA Community - 629292 and the setup explains how the agents and integrations work RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 Setup and Configuration Guide - RSA Community - 703011

If I understand that document correctly, RSA SecureID needs an agent integration, for example one that provides SSO login. GitLab supports SAML SSO.

Thought, after reading Support RSA SecurID as a form of two-factor authentication (#294037) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab I assume that RSA SecurID is most likely used as MFA option.