Gitlab CE-No longer able to upgrade

Product : Gitlab CE Omibus deployment. Running on RH EL-6 Tikanga

I’ve been running this server for about 3 years now. I updated to the latest version every 2-3 months eversince I first installed it, never ran into a snag I could not fix myself.

The good days are over it seems. I am stuck at V 13.3.6, unable to install anything newer on it.

sudo yum install gitlab-ce
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit, security
Setting up Install Process
Determining fastest mirrors
YumRepo Error: All mirror URLs are not using ftp, http[s] or file.
Eg. Invalid release/repo/arch combination/
removing mirrorlist with no valid mirrors: /var/cache/yum/x86_64/6/base/mirrorlist.txt
Error: Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: base

Tried to install it manually after downloading the rpm of course :
yum install gitlab-ce-13.6.1-ce.0.el6.x86_64.rpm
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit, security
Setting up Install Process
Cannot open: gitlab-ce-13.6.1-ce.0.el6.x86_64.rpm. Skipping.
Error: Nothing to do

I tried the same as above with 3 other downloads, just a tad older, same results.

That did not work any better :

sudo rpm -Uvh gitlab-ce-13.6.1-ce.0.el6.x86_64.rpm
error: gitlab-ce-13.6.1-ce.0.el6.x86_64.rpm: not an rpm package (or package manifest):
sudo rpm -Uvh gitlab-ce-13.4.6-ce.0.el6.x86_64.rpm
error: gitlab-ce-13.4.6-ce.0.el6.x86_64.rpm: not an rpm package (or package manifest):

Any clue ?

Maybe corrupted rpm. Try downloading again as maybe download failed before.

Indeed, you were right. It seems that the packages now get corrupted while transiting when downloaded with wget. I downloaded the rpm on my Windows desktop, then uploaded it to my Gitllab server via WinSCP. I was able then to use the package. It’s very inconvenient, but it works. I now have to figure out why, right up until last september, I could wget directly from the server without problems but no longer can, and, how to fix this.

At the end of Nov RHEL 6 maintenance finished. Could be why your base repo is now failing.

@HECMTL_Dude maybe try curl? Perhaps it’ll work better than wget.

I’ll see if I can use wget on one of my RHEL installs, I only have RHEL7 thought, but in terms of wget it shouldn’t matter. Unless selinux was causing issues, you can see with that:


if it’s enabled, then setenforce 0 will put it in permissive mode, and then try with wget again. You can always re-enable with setenforce 1 to enable selinux again.

Hi, thank you for your answers.
It turns out that I get a clean rpm if I fetch it like this :
wget --content-disposition
I was doing this and having the problem I stated prior :
wget --no-check-certificate

If memory serves me right, the later worked for me in the past. But I maybe mistaking.

Whatever …