Gitlab-Ce Search broken (500 Error)


we have from time to time problems with the search on Gitlab, unfortunately the problems occur sporadically and we can not reproduce it 1 to 1.

As soon as you reload the page a few times, the search works again. At the beginning we thought that it was the resources of the EC2 instance, because the memory saturation was at 90%, but now we have doubled the resources.

We have observed that a few minutes before the problems occurred, the error ratios increased.

Thanks for your support.

Gitlab Components:

  • GitLab 13.5.1-ee (a4cc9d130dd)
  • GitLab Shell 13.11.0
  • GitLab Workhorse v8.51.0
  • GitLab API v4
  • Ruby 2.6.6p146
  • Rails
  • PostgreSQL 11.9

EC2 Instance Specs:

CPU 16 Cores
RAM 64 GB (Used 44.4 GB)

Do you see a specific error stacktrace when the 500 errors occur? When reproducing the issue, you can do it while sudo gitlab-ctl tail runs, and trap the exact error. That can help you investigate it further, or in finding any known issue reports.