GitLab CE - Semmle's LGTM (CodeQL)

Hi GitLab Team,

I’m trying to integrate gitlab ce with Semmle’s LGTM tool (for code analysis using codeql ) . Is there any documentations from gitlab’s side to ease things up ? I’ve followed some of the docs provided by Semmle…but seems to be a little bit outdated or non-reliable . Appreciate your help.

As LGTM is Semmle’s product, Gitlab won’t have any documentation for it. Although doesn’t mention anything about CE, only Enterprise or version mentioned in their link (Semmle).

this provides steps on how to do it using OAUTH, so you would need to configure based on that link. In relation to OAUTH, then you can check Gitlab’s documentation.

maybe the OAUTH documentation will help in addition to Semmle’s integration.

Thanks @iwalker , for the prompt response and the useful link shared . Although i have question here. It mentions LGTM supports GitLab EE or (what does this mean by ? It is not CE?) is their repository, like github has Publicly accessible. CE is Community Edition which you can run locally on your server. EE is Enterprise Edition which can also be run locally, with varying subscription levels based on functionality required.

Thank you very much @iwalker , for clearing that out for us.

Also, has EE functionality so it’s like publicly available version of EE, of course, registering as a user on may require subscriptions to obtain certain EE functionality, eg: start gold trial to later purchase for example.