Gitlab-ce update prometheus issues

I’m in the process of deploying a GitLab CE server running on a Digital Ocean droplet with CentOS 7. This is my first GitLab deployment and I am learning as I go along.

Today I noticed the Admin Dashboard indicated an update was available so I connected to the server with ssh and ran:

$ sudo yum update

When the system did not come back up as expected I noticed prometheus was refusing to start. After running

$ sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure

This process returned a message about prometheus 1.x support being deprecated and advised me to run

$ sudo gitlab-ctl prometheus-upgrade

This process completed without incident and everything has returned to normal.

The good news is this server is not yet widely used as it hasn’t been released to the intended user base. Still, I would like to better understand what happened to avoid down times like this in the future.

The GitLab documentation provided this command for gitlab-ce update:

$ sudo yum -y install gitlab-ce

I wonder if I had done the install command instead of the update command if my prometheus issue would have been avoided?

Also, can I subscribe to a mailing list that will let me know when updates are released? Given the high quality of the GitLab documentation, I expect there are release notes to accompany the update.