Gitlab CE with LDAP & Mattermost

Install is latest version with Gitlab CE using LDAP for user authentication. URLs are HTTPS.

I setup mattermost (same server) and accidentally left the url as default when initially enabling and running reconfigure.

Once I fixed the URL, and manually created the app authorization key (along with configuring those items in gitlab.rb), I am now getting an error that says my password needs to be a minimum of 5 characters (from mattermost).

Basic scenario:

  • LDAP user who has never hit mattermost goes to mattermost
  • Clicks on login with gitlab
  • Logs into gitlab with LDAP creds
  • Gets token auth screen
  • Approves
  • Mattermost error “mattermost password must contain 5 characters”

Once a LDAP user has hit the approve for the token authorization, they never see that screen again and it goes right to the error message.

this is what mattermost error log shows:

[2016/09/14 17:26:44 EDT] [EROR] /signup/gitlab/complete:User.IsValid code=500 rid=<random characters> uid= ip=<myworkstationIP> Your password must contain at least 5 characters. [details: ]

Are there any gotchya’s with mattermost right now and using a Gitlab that is LDAP auth enabled? Does it make more sense to setup LDAP on mattermost instead of depending on Gitlab for auth?

im wondering if this is even possible since the LDAP Auth is only for the “Enterprise” Version of Mattermost.
You would bypass it with the OAuth from Gitlab - interresting.