GitLab Certified Associate Question 1 Hands-On


I can´t go further with Question 1 in the Hands-On.

The task is the following:

In the GitLab Demo Cloud environment, navigate to GROUPS > YOUR GROUPS. Expand the arrow to the left of TRAINING USERS. Under that group, expand the arrow to the left of your session’s group. Under that group, open the group called MY TEST GROUP - , inserting your own username. Create a project titled “GitLab Certified Assoc” (without the quotation marks) based on the NodeJS Express template.

I´m supposed to expand the arrow left of “Training Users”. Neither I see an arrow, nor I see “Training Users” Can someone explain me how to go further?

Thanks in advance!

I just did what I think is the intension. I just created the project under the single group I have.