GitLab Certified Associate - video materiel issue


I try to follow this course, but why I can’t get make video to switch to full screen mode. How someone can watch almost 2h video like “Diving into working with Git locally on your computer and how it ties back to GitLab” on the small sized window and can this be fixed?

I’m using Firefox browser, last Linux version.


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Contact Gitlab Learn directly.

Ok, thanks for info. Will try that.

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Unfortunately, nobody at home. They are not answering …looks like it’s only for “gitlab paid” users, and here it’s for poor people ±.

You have to wait patiently, and we cannot do much to help, since we are just community members and we don’t have any admin access or anything at that level to help with. But since it’s outsourced mostly to it could be out of Gitlab’s control as well, since the underlying system defines it. So either edcast allow resizing or they don’t or perhaps someone needs to enable the option to allow resize.

But unfortunately, we can’t help, so I guess you will have to wait until someone replies on that address or a Gitlab team passes by the forum to reply here.

Thanks for sharing, it’s helpful.

Sorry you’re having this problem! Are you able to use another browser tab to go directly to the video instead of viewing it inside the course?

Another thing that could work is if you use your browser’s built-in magnifying tool to zoom in at greater than 100% size. I know that might be inconvenient to have to zoom in and then zoom out to continue in the course. Please let me know if this solution helps you see the video better.

This is feedback we’ve received from multiple users, and our team will work on making this experience better in our upcoming iterations for this content.