Gitlab changes token after update

So I have old project succesfully integrated with rancher2.0 kubernetes, using token, wich looks like:

This project was created some time ago, can’t remember GL version, but new one, created in 11.7 with same configuration has broken autodevops:
tiller and worker installed successfully, but autodevops can’t run ensure_namespace step. Because Kubernetes doesn’t recognize token.

I copied default aurodevops gitlab-ci.yml to both projects and added kubectl config view in ensure_namespace()

Old one shows token exactly as I pasted it in project kubernetes configuration, and new one show some kind on jwt, not the token saved in project settings.

Does anyone know how can I return old behavior?

Downgraded gitlab and found out that I have new behavior since 11.6.5.

Resaving configuration was not enough, had to remove cluster integration and add new one.

I’m having the same problem, I’m using