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Question is short and possibly simple…
Is it possible using some directives/options to say Gitlab CI not to archive artifacts??

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if you have a self managed version, administrator can disabled artifact Jobs artifacts administration | GitLab or change the default value of time expiration Continuous Integration and Deployment Admin settings | GitLab.
Else you can define a very short expiration time :

  - mycv.pdf
expire_in: 30 secondes

Thanks for your information…but let’s have short description what i need

  • my job builds tom packages
  • i want to have them as artifacts but not in archived view but as they are: rpm files

Believe there is such an option…

Hope my explanation is clear


It sounds like you may want to push them to the Package Registry then and not store them as artifacts.

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Testing

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