Gitlab Ci error

Hello ,

I am running the gitlab ci cd pipeline with with gitlab-ci.yml and docker file.

I am getting the Logging to GitLab Container Registry with CI credentials. " Error response from daemon: Get https://registry.git.****.local:4567/v2/: http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client"


Hi @Gitlabuser4
You are running HTTP instead of HTTPS. Do you have a custom Proxy in front of GitLab?

i am new on this job,i thik i do not have a custom proxy,

How can i check,or how can i change the gitlab-ci.yml to connect to http insted of https ?

Thank you balonik

It is usually defined by CI_REGISTRY variable. Now this variable can be defined in .gitlab-ci.yml file, in project’s CI/CD variables or in group CI/CD variable.
If it is not defined in any of the above places, it is using the default value which is The address of the GitLab Container Registry. Only available if the Container Registry is enabled for the project. This variable includes a :port value if one is specified in the registry configuration.
In such case you need to look in GitLab instance configuration and change the registry_external_url to correct value.

CI_REGISTRY this variable is define in gitlab-ci.yml file in project CI/CD