Gitlab ci failed at "fetching changes" but the shell executed successfully by manual

Hi, English is not my mother language, I will try my best to explain what my problem is.

I have a problem when I build the gitlab ci. The puzzled is:

I execute the shells manually one by one, Success!

I build with a .gitlab-ci.yml, Failed . the error is :

Then , I edit the YML file to :

Just to print a string , It executed with the same error :

Then ,I try to find the reason by execute the gitlab-runner in debug mode . But it execute successfully!

So, I think there is something like cache that I don’t known which cause the problem.

I need your help, and thanks in advance.

I have solve the problem.

I find the folder “dist” used “find -name dist” at “/” , and I find a dist folder in “/home/gitlab-runner/builds/0ca77278/0/Development” , and I use “ll” to view the folder user as “root”.

I think maybe it’s the problem .So I remove the folder, and the problem resolved.

Though, I don’t known why , But it resolved.