GitLab CI for builds with complex dependencies


I’m trying to understand how GitLab’s CI works. I have a code that has dependencies on other codes that can not be easily installed via a package manager or anything like that. Is it even possible for me to set up a CI system where I can test how new versions of my code compile on say Ubuntu using the dependencies that come with Ubuntu as well as the two manually compiled dependencies that my code has?

My goal is to have a system in place with tests the build of our code against several types of linux systems as well as different compiler types, etc. It seems like CI is a system that was created to do just that, but I’m very new to the idea of using CI so I may be mistaken.

Thank you

Hi @chrisneal ,

I have a similar challenge to yours.

In my case we have code belonging to different repositories, that we then need to compile together on the main application.

Have you have any thoughts or received any recommendations?

Hi ptorru,

I haven’t fully resolved the process yet. I have been using StackOverflow to ask questions because there are some very knowledgeable users on there.