Gitlab CI How can I do variable substitution?

I’m using Gitlab CI/CD to deploy my .netcore application to AWS Beanstalk. How can I update the appSettings.json values in my .netcore application when deploying to different environments using variables defined in my CI/CD pipeline settings?

Azure DevOps has a JSON variable substitution feature which I really liked.

GitHub Actions can also hook into this feature

How can I achieve this with Gitlab CI/CD?

I want to use this method of deployment because

  1. I won’t have to store sensitive production config values in my repository. Values will be updated by Masked variables setup in the CI/CD Pipeline.
  2. I don’t have to rebuild my artefacts every time I deploy to a new environment.

If this can’t be done in Gitlabs, whats the recommended best practice?


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Take a look here:

I searched for a gitlab native way to do this bug unfortunately there does not seem to be an official way. (if there is… let me know!) The workarround works quite well but it is a bit ugly/low level so I like to change it when Gitlab has proper support for it