Gitlab CI Job going into skipped state

I have a pipeline containing three stages. 2nd job has a dependency with respect to job 1st. i.e When the 1st job will be successful then 2nd job would get automatically triggered.

In the 2nd job I am using needs keyword with when: on_success

The above scenario is working absolutely fine.

Now 3rd job will be triggered in the same way as when 2nd job will be successful. It was also running fine, but for the past few days, 3rd job is getting skipped for a few projects even the 2nd job is successful.

Note: For Few Projects It is running fine.

Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know the troubleshooting steps for this.

Hi @akshay.jain2
first would be to specify if you are on or self-hosted and what version.
second would be to compare the .gitlab-ci.yml files if there is something different in the projects that don’t work like the others.

@balonik I am on I have already compared .gitlab-ci.yml files. There is no change at all in the files.

If you are getting inconsistent behavior on with the same .gitlab-ci.yml I would suggest to raise an issue in GitLab issue tracker.