Gitlab CI merge requests: Using Breaking Changes from conventional commits

Hi Gitlab!

In our project we are using Gitlab merge requests together with Conventional Commits to generate the changelogs. We squash our changes and the title of the merge request will be the commit message for the change. This allows us to generate changelogs and versioning automatically. For the features and fixes this works perfectly fine.

For breaking changes this doesn’t work however. The title is a single line commit, but the BREAKING CHANGE structural element should be included in the body, e.g commit message.:

feat: Refactor the website names
BREAKING CHANGE: Website names are changed.

Is it possible in gitlab merge requests to either:

  • change the squashed commit message on the Gitlab CI dashboard?
  • add a newline so the commit message will be sliced into two lines.

Any other solution is welcome as well of course!

I considered changing the merge commit message, but that title is too far off the standards by Conventional Commits to use.

Thanks in advance!