GItlab CI Minutes Rollover


We are using gitlab CI for private projects.
We understand we have 2000 free minutes per month.

According to the portal we have exceeded our minutes.
We are trying to find out when the rollover to the new month begins.

The Usage Quota still reference March 1 even though its April now.
Our subscription started on the 9th of the month. Possibly it will roll over our minutes on our subscription start date. 9th of April.

If anyone know this answer it would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Yeah, we’re having the same issue. It’s still at 100% and my purchased minutes are also running out… At first I thought it was a timezone issue (maybe it only resets at 12:00AM US time), but we’re the second of the month now and it’s still not reset.

Thanks for the confirmation that we dont have a misunderstanding of this functionality.

Same issue here. We didn’t get any new minutes for April. I hope this will be resolved shortly.

Pipeline minutes reset should occur on the 1st of every month. However, there is a known issue that is currently being investigated.

:exclamation: For now, please submit a support ticket and we’ll get you sorted out. :exclamation:

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