Gitlab CI not running "script" strings

Hi - i’ve been trying to get Gitlab CI to run the build and test of my node.js app but have come across a strange problem. Wherever I place an array of scripts, only the first runs and then says “Build succeeded”. I tested with some basic commands and it appears to be npm, bower commands (possibly anything using node)

Here is my .gitlab-ci.yml file:

    - /node_modules/
    - /bower_components/

  - npm install --silent
  - bower install

  - test
  - build

  stage: test
  script: "grunt karma:ci"

  stage: build
    - grunt build
    - cd dist
    - npm install --silent
    - grunt compress

In this case, npm install --silent will run and complete for each job then say “Build Succeeded”.

See below for the output from the runner for the first job - i’ve truncated it for easier reading.

Running with gitlab-ci-multi-runner 1.7.1 (f896af7)
Using Shell executor...

Fetching changes...

warning: Could not stat path ...

HEAD is now at 8a0286d replace with previously working gitlab file
From [repo]
   8a0286d..16033cc  master     -> origin/master
Checking out 16033cc7 as master...

Checking cache for runtest/master...

Successfully extracted cache

$ npm install --silent

[truncated npm install output, it's successful]

Creating cache runtest/master...

Created cache

Build succeeded

I’m hoping it’s just me being stupid, but I can’t figure out what’s going on here.

try to put them in single quotes like ‘npm istall --silent’

or wait is it windows?

if so then npm is batch file and you have to call it like
call npm install --silent otherwise windows processor stops executing after script

thanks for the response - the runner is on windows.

I’ll try call npm install --silent and see if that works.