GitLab CI pipeline - previous pipeline skipped, but new pipeline takes on its name even though its a different job

Something is going wrong with my GitLab CI Pipeline and I’m unsure on how to fix this. So I have a job “bump” that version bumps (version is stored within a file in my project code) every time a push is made into the “pre” branch.

I also have rules that run every time a push is made to the “pre” branch, and so I run “git push -o ci.skip” at the end of my “bump” job because I do not want to rerun those jobs that match this rule.

This skipped pipeline shows up as its own pipeline, and it’s pipeline title is called “Auto Bump” - which is the commit message I had in the “bump” job (git commit -m “Auto Bump”).

Let’s say for example my next job (manual) that I run is called “fix”, which is designed to pull the version file from the “pre” branch into our “dev” branch in order to avoid a merge conflict if there were an MR from dev → pre. However, the issue is that this “fix” job’s pipeline title is “Auto Bump” (pipeline name of the skipped job) despite its commit message being “Auto Fix Version Conflict”. I hope this makes sense and someone can tell me where I’m going wrong! I want this “fix” job’s pipeline title to be its commit message. Thank you.