GitLab CI pipeline with multi-container kubernetes pod

Is this possible to set up a config, which would include:

  1. GitLab project #1 java-container
  2. GitLab project #2 java-container
  3. Nginx container
  4. Redis container
  5. Cassandra container
  6. Nginx exporter (Prometheus)
  7. Redis exporter (Prometheus)
  8. JMX exporter (Prometheus) x2

It’s important to have all this in one multi-container pod on kubernetes (GKE) and communicating via shared volume and localhost.

I’ve already done all this in kubernetes with initial containers (to pull the code and compile it), and now I’m looking for the way to make this work with CI/CD.

So, if this could be done with GitLab CI, could you, please, point me to the right documentation or manual pages, as I’m a newbie in GitLab CI and stuff, and have already lost myself in dozens of articles from the internet.

Thanks in advance.