Gitlab CI : pull image from external registry

The build inside the runner cannot pull from our personnal registry
gitlab-ci-multi-runner 1.3.2 (0323456) Using Docker executor with image ... Pulling docker image ... WARNING: Cannot pull the latest version of image : Error: image dev/beanstalkapp: not found WARNING: Locally found image will be used instead. Running on runner-57972375-project-546-concurrent-0 via gitlabhq... Fetching changes...

when i run the run localy on my laptop, it work …
when i docker pull from the gitlab CI server who run the runner, it work …
but in the runner on the build server, it doesn’t work

PS : the registry doesn’t require authentification, and is IP is set in /etc/hosts and in extra_host of runner config

any idea ?

here is the solution : add :latest to the image definition :

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