GitLab CI runner - high CPU on Windows when virtualized

When I run GitLab CI multi-runner under Windows 7 x64 (running virtualized under VMware Fusion 8.1), the host CPU for that VM is an order of magnitude higher than the same thing running under an OS X vm on the same host. Neither guest shows any significant CPU usage when idle, but the Windows VM shows ~25% CPU on the host when the OS X VM shows 2-3%. If I stop the GitLab CI multi-runner on the Windows VM, its CPU utilization on the host drops back down to expected levels.

VMware support has looked at the issue and said it’s a problem with the runner service…anyone else have ideas? I can leave it running, but it’s just driving up CPU utilization and heat for no reason that I can see.

I’ve logged it as an issue a few days ago, but no response as yet.

Thanks in advance…