GitLab CI - TTY mode requires /dev/tty to be read/writable

Hi all,

On my pipeline i’m trying to figure out why i get this error:
TTY mode requires /dev/tty to be read/writable.
in my job that belongs to test stage.

I have a PHP web app (Laravel framework), i would like to run Laravel Dusk tests in my pipeline.
Everything is build correctly, the only problem I have appear when start the command:
`artisan php dusk``
This command is responsible to start all the laravel dusk tests, and it need TTY mode enabled.

I’m reading that GitLab CI doesn’t allow TTY mode enabled in the pipeline, it is true ???
I also read a workaround simply by typing directly in my job:

  • script “php artisan dusk”`
    The problem with this approach is:
  1. I don’t get any output
  2. if the tests fails the job continue

So how could i solve that issue?

thank you