Gitlab CI - Use Gitlab registry Docker image as base in Docker in Docker build

Hi all,

I have a microservice infrastructure and a base Docker template used as the FROM in each microservice’s Dockerfile. I’m trying to use Gitlab CI with Docker in Docker to test/build the microservice’s Docker image during the CI process, but I get access forbidden when I try to use the base Docker template:

	Running with gitlab-ci-multi-runner 9.3.0 (3df822b)
	  on gitlab-runner-1 (7e3b99e0)
	Using Docker executor with image docker ...
	Using docker image sha256:f73a387d8c5edbeaeb6ca443c56c211f6abcf96cc4b5b577e91c0417f5171d99 for predefined container...
	Pulling docker image docker ...
	Using docker image docker ID=sha256:192e3edb771f334fbc2e1941b43b0b3ecd8545a86744ce8fc2fe98a3d5774273 for build container...
	Running on runner-7e3b99e0-project-1-concurrent-0 via gitlab-runner-1...
	Fetching changes...
	HEAD is now at 844e621 Updated branch
	Checking out 844e6214 as master...
	Skipping Git submodules setup
	$ docker login -u gitlab-ci-token -p $CI_BUILD_TOKEN
	Login Succeeded
	$ docker build -t .
	Sending build context to Docker daemon  204.3kB

	Step 1/3 : FROM
	Get denied: access forbidden

Here’s my .gitlab-ci.yml:

	image: docker
	    - test
	    - build

	  - docker login -u gitlab-ci-token -p $CI_BUILD_TOKEN

	# Run Unit and Integration tests
	    stage: test
	        - tag1
	        - echo "Add testing here"

	# Build the docker image and push
	    stage: build
	        - tag1
	        - docker build -t .
	        - docker push
	        - master

Anyone have any idea how to give my Docker container the ability to pull from another registry within Gitlab?