Gitlab CI Windows unable to install private dependency during npm install


I’ve been working on setting up a Gitlab Runner on a Windows machine for creating a build using MSBuild. Everything with my batch script appears to be all set except the build hangs on npm install. I’ve narrowed it down that our own private dependency in package.json (stored within the same instance of Gitlab used to setup the runners) as the cause. I’ve tried to setup a _netrc file in the batch script similar to what is here,

The batch script appears to be successful in creating a _netrc file and including
gitlab-ci-token as the login and CI_JOB_TOKEN as the password. However, this hasn’t resolved the issue. I don’t know if there is maybe something specific I am missing in regards to using a _netrc within Gitlab Runner on Windows specifically such as a specific directory it needs to be in perhaps.

I haven’t been able to find any information on this elsewhere. Does anyone have any insight?