Gitlab CICD copy files to windows shared folder


I’m having issues with configuring a simple pipeline that would copy files from a Gitlab repository folder to a windows shared folder on a windows server.
We’re using gitlab-runner 11.6.0 deployed on Openshift cluster.

To copy I’m using scp command:
scp -r -v ./<folder> username@$HOST_IP:/<dest_folder>

But I’m getting this error.
ssh: connect to host <host_IP> port 22: Connection refused
lost connection

I’m getting connection refused even I have opened Firewall for the IP range of the host where the runner is installed.
Next I was trying to find out if the IP is somehow different but I’m unable to check it as I’m not sure how… I have tried traceroute didn’t find much information…

Does anyone has experiece with how to copy files to a windows folder form gitlab runner?

Any info is much appreciated.

Thank you

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