GitLab cicd with docker hub crash without any errors

Hi everybodfy,

I am learning to use gitlab cicd and docker on this git PowaBanga / flask · GitLab

here is my gitlab-ci.yml

  - build
  - push
  - pull
  stage: build
    - docker build -t powabanga/flask:latest .
  stage: push
    - docker login -u $DOCKER_USER --password-stdin $DOCKER_PASWD
    - docker push powabanga/flask:latest
  stage: pull
    - docker pull powabanga/flask:lates

The first stage succes, but the second fail, without show to me any console and/or errors…
Does anybody can help me what’s wrong with me and how to find where is from the problem ?

Can you share a screenshot of the job details page you are looking at?

Maybe there is a problem with the Docker push command and/or login.

Which GitLab version are you using, self-managed or SaaS? /help provides the version when logged in.

i use gitlab-runer on ubuntu

gitlab-runner -v
Version:      14.10.0
Git revision: c6bb62f6
Git branch:   14-10-stable
GO version:   go1.17.7
Built:        2022-04-19T18:17:10+0000
OS/Arch:      linux/amd64

Looks like the job failed before the runner could send back any job log trace. I’d suggest enabling the debug log on the GitLab runner, and inspect possible error conditions for the job / pipeline.

Alternatively, after the runner has been registered, you can also run it in the foreground, passing the config.toml file location, in case that is different to the default location.

gitlab-runner stop
gitlab-runner --debug run