- CI job failed despite dependency installation was successful

For some unknown reason, my test keep failing due to doctrine:fixtures:load command not found.
Which is weird, since the log show that required packages was installed successfully.

Below is a truncated log from the job:

  - Installing doctrine/data-fixtures (v1.3.0): <truncated progress> Downloading (100%)
  - Installing doctrine/doctrine-fixtures-bundle (v2.4.1): <truncated progress> Downloading (100%)
2017-12-06T23:34:32+00:00 [error] Error thrown while running command "'doctrine:fixtures:load' -n --verbose". Message: "There are no commands defined in the "doctrine:fixtures" namespace.

The problem seems to be isolated on this repo, since the job run smoothly on another (personal) repo.

Any pointer on how to solve this issue would be appreciated.