CI job is stuck but only in one repo and only in master branch with active runner

i see " This job is stuck because you don’t have any active runners online or available with any of these tags assigned to them: proddeploy prod-deploy Go to project [CI settings]" message.

in Settings/ci_cd i see: " Available group runners: 5 rqNexe7F docker-01-prod-deployer with prod-deploy proddeploy tags"

All other projects(repositories) working good with this runner(all gitlab-ci.yaml included from one repo and one file). this problem’s project on non-master branch also work good.


  • deployprod

stage: deployprod
entrypoint: [’’]
- echo
- prod-deploy
- proddeploy
- master

the project is in the same group as the Runner?

It’s not that easy is it? :sweat_smile:

Best Regarts

on the screenshot is a list of runners of this particular project

restart of previous commit job in master branch not stuck.

my resolution( every 2-4 weeks) is deleting repository and create new with same name and push code back.

is this normal behavior for gitlab when it is necessary to delete the project and re-create it with the same code to make ci work?

Hopefully not.

Did you try to set “run untagged jobs”?
In the Web-GUI you can edit your Group-Runners:

I saw that some people on the internet did that…

Interesting! It does look like the tags are correct, but worth trying run untagged jobs anyhow. The other thing to do might be to check the runner on your server, and just confirm that it’s up and running and able to contact GitLab.

Good luck!


Thanks to all!

We have resolved the problem

Our runner is configured to run only from protected branches

One of our colleagues, periodically, without telling anyone, removed the protected flag from the master branch in order to push --force

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