container registry is down

We’re on a free plan, so we can’t contact support. Couldn’t find a better to report service interruptions (system status page does not report any issues), let me know if there is a better place to get in touch with Gitlab directly.

As of about an hour ago, we’re unable to retrieve any images from the container registry. We see errors like this:

:$ docker pull
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from project/backend
bb263680fed1: Already exists 
0825793cba86: Already exists 
de3c011d207b: Already exists 
7e3c5bd9650e: Already exists 
c395372934a3: Already exists 
a88c6339ee21: Already exists 
14b6f627fd88: Already exists 
da9f366e9850: Already exists 
5513986c78ae: Already exists 
736ba7332ad8: Already exists 
60bcde1991e4: Pulling fs layer 
de5808bb0845: Pulling fs layer 
169b81da6449: Pulling fs layer 
fcc11b2b3bea: Waiting 
af7bedce4617: Waiting 
f769b6b3d8cf: Waiting 
bb566aadc1f4: Waiting 
c6e684a9815d: Waiting 
a428098b5e0a: Waiting 
750848b5abe8: Waiting 
32362079015c: Waiting 
eca51e620b13: Waiting 
ed7cc17faaf7: Waiting 
4f98117f2171: Waiting 
116a53abb392: Waiting 
1f046f532a78: Waiting 
50c04d0217b6: Waiting 
df02db046d3f: Waiting 
27a513085f3e: Waiting 
edd8e68d348f: Waiting 
9d7a91d63ed8: Waiting 
5aef7d531e20: Waiting 
error pulling image configuration: download failed after attempts=1: unknown blob

And this happens for any image and tag that we have. This is a big problem, since our production k8s setup pulls images from Gitlab to run our production pods, so our site is down until this is fixed.

yeah same issue here see my thread: Can't pull any containers for the registries `unknown blob`

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Thanks for reporting. This incident is tracked and updated in 2023-05-12: Container registry pulls failing with unknown blob (#14260) · Issues · / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production · GitLab