(free) repositories don't show up in Google search results

I just realized no one’s repos hosted on are showing in Google search results. Is Gitlab blocking their crawler? Like… none, zero zip show up… from anyone.

Can anyone confirm?

Try looking up your public repo on Google, see if you can get a result?

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It seems so,

This seems like a major issue… I mean why would I want to leverage gitlab (free) anymore if my public open-source projects aren’t even discoverable?

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No longer the case, results showed on Saturday - but they’re gone again today. Snippets don’t show at all.

Really disappointing.

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This is still an issue. Gitlab projects never show up in Google results as they are all blocked in the robots.txt today. I don’t know if this setting has flip/flopped in the past but it’s rediculous. Public repos should be visible to Google so that projects can be discovered. My current workaround is create an empty repo in GitHub and point to my GitLab for the files. And that’s just utterly silly.