hanging up on Push



I’m attempting to push my commits to the remote repository on, but the connection keeps getting reset / the remote is hanging up. Here is what my remote origin looks like--

Here is what the error looks like--

I have pushed successfully to the remote repository many times before, and I don’t believe any git configuration has changed client-side.’s status pages don’t indicate any service issues either. Does anyone have any suggestions / thoughts?

Thank you!


I’m not a Windows user, so I’m not sure it will apply. On Linux I’d run this command to see more verbose output for the ssh connection:

GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -v" git push origin master

Does pulling or cloning a new repo give you the same error?

Also a tip for future posts: rather than linking to images, I’d suggest pasting the terminal output as text in the forum post. It’s not only easier for people to read your post, but also makes the post searchable. In general, the less effort required by others to understand your issue, the more chances to get help.