Package Repository on Group level

We are trying to publish packages to out gitlab subgroup on using maven.
We receive error 415 Media Type not supported → same setup works for project level deployment.


                        <value>TOKEN VALUE</value>




Failed to deploy artifacts: Could not transfer artifact groupid:artifactid:pom:0.0.1-20240117.161354-3 from/to gitlab-maven ( status code: 415, reason phrase: Unsupported Media Type (415)

Maybe related to GitLab CE Group Maven Package Registry - #4 by xenomachina

It mentions the /-/ in the URL that needs to be removed. The endpoint URLs in Maven packages in the package registry | GitLab also do not have them.

-      <url>${}/-/packages/maven</url>
+      <url>${}/packages/maven</url>

I have not used the Maven package registry yet, but could be worth a try.

@dnsmichi thanks for your input - I also tried without “/-/” which unfortunately results in the same error.

I see that the pom.xml uses a variable – maybe replace and hardcode it to the real group ID for testing. If that is a blind spot, I’d suggest opening an issue and discuss with our engineering teams. Maybe we are hitting a bug with the package registry on the group level.

even with the group id hardcoded the error persists.

I tested publishing on project level → this worked, the problem is only present on group level