registration shows recaptcha error in China

I tried to register an account on in China and encountered this recaptcha error:

There was an error with the reCAPTCHA. Please solve the reCAPTCHA again.

Tried on multiple browsers including Firefox, Chrome, IE on three Windows 10 machines.
Google’s recaptcha seems to be blocked occasionally in China as per this StackOverflow thread. Is there an alternate way to register an account without recaptcha?

Hi maybe try a vpn which allows you to connect to different country endpoints and register from a different country?

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Thanks for the suggestion. I can access the service through a VPN. However, most of my clients who need access to my code on GitLab do not have the service. Currently, people have to log in through third-party accounts like BitBucket to register GitLab in China, which is really inconvenient.