users get "Invalid pin code" when trying to set up 2FA

GitLab Support has seen reports of GitLab getting an “Invalid pin code” error when trying to set up two-factor authentication.We’ve declared a production incident to investigate and resolve this problem here: 2022-03-30: 2FA failing due to "Invalid Pin" (#6728) · Issues · / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production · GitLab

You can also follow updates on our status page for updates.

This appears to only affect users belonging to a group which requires all members have 2FA enabled. A potential workaround has been identified and shared here.

If you are experiencing this problem, please:

  • follow the issue and status page for updates
  • report if you were impacted by this in this thread (to help GitLab understand scope of the problem)
  • let us know if the workaround here resolves the problem for you
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The source of the problem has been identified and a fix has been rolled out.

Users should no longer encounter the “Invalid pin code” error when setting up two-factor authentication. (unless one legitimately enters the wrong pin :wink: )

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we worked to address this problem.

Thanks for your help guys, Its working now

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