GitLab Community Edition 14.6.0 different url cause GitKraken broke

Hi everyone, I just upgraded my gitlab ce to 14.6.0, but after my upgrade complete, i found that GitKraken can no longer work with gitlab.

GitKraken needs to generate and valid personal token and ssh key from gitlab’s personal settings.And that’s where the problem comes in.
Here’s what i found:
In older gitlab(Perhaps normal newest gitlab with clean install),personal settting’s url looks like:
But in my upgraded 14.6 gitlab ce, it looks like:

With an addition “-”, GitKranken can not recognize the url correctly(If simply remove the “/-”, gitlab will say 404 no found), thus it will not be able to valid token or ssh.

Is this a new feature or a bug comes with upgrade?I will also ask GitKraken’s support and see if i need to post a topic in GitKraken too.