GitLab Company Super POM

Dear all,

I am relatively new to GitLab. Currently we are transforming our grown ci/cd landscape and are phasing out things like Jenkins, Ivy/Ant builds.

In the “new world” on GitLab we are asked to use Maven instead of Ivy/Ant. On top of that we should include SonarQube Scanning, ArtiFactory Repository (including Xray scans).

Both for SonarQube and ArtiFactory there is Maven Plugins existing and I am trying to achieve the following:

  1. Have a company Super-POM defined with the Plugins for SonarQube and ArtiFactory
  2. and put that into a separate (protected repository).
  3. Force all the other projects to use this Super-POM when a Build is run on GitLab.

I have been searching the internet and found things like that there are problems referencing POMs from other repositories and the like (see e.g. Parent pom with maven repository) hence I wanted to ask you: How would you recommend to achieve this without running into the problems described in above link?

Thanks in advance and best regards from Germany,