GitLab container registry pricing and specifics


I’ve got some questions about GitLab container registry. I tried to them using google, browsing GitLab docs and sending questions via sales/support forms, but all the staff must be busy organizing the virtual commit. Nice event by the way :slight_smile:

If anyone could answer these, it would be awesome.

  1. What is the pricing model? How much do we pay? Do you bill the same amount per month, or does it depend on storage and transfer?
  2. Is rbac available? We’d like to enable 3rd party users to download some of our images after logging to our registry, but only specific ones. Can we enable 3rd party to download all images matching a regexp, or create similar rules?
  3. We’re located in Germany/Poland. Where is the nearest GitLab container registry datacenter?

Thanks in advance, and have a great week :slight_smile: