GitLab Cookbook

# GitLab Cookbook


GitLab is a popular, open source Git hosting solution implemented by more than 50,000 organizations. This book has some carefully chosen recipes to help you decide on the type of GitLab installation that will fit your requirements. Along with covering some of the basic principles of Git, the book covers practical scenarios to show how you or your organization can effectively manage your proprietary code.

You will learn how to manage multiple users, groups, and the permissions GitLab has for them. Updating your GitLab instance, creating backups, and restoring backups are a few of the important tasks described in detail to assist you in maintaining your GitLab server. Moreover, the GitLab API is extensively covered to guide you through the various operations to manage your project.

What will you learn:

  • Install and maintain your GitLab instance
  • Work with multiple users, create groups, and configure your project visibility
  • Secure your code with the correct GitLab configuration
  • Make the most of the built-in issue tracker, including merge requests
  • Manage your projects through the GitLab API
  • Set up webhooks and system hooks to receive notifications
  • Manage your GitLab server using LDAP


Jeroen van Baarsen

Jeroen van Baarsen started programming at the age of 14. His language of choice was PHP. He started his first programming job at the age of 16 and worked in several companies as a PHP developer before he found out about the wonderful language that Ruby is. He then started learning this language and took up a job as a Ruby developer.

Currently, he works at Firmhouse, which is a company that helps build foundations for innovations and new business. Firmhouse has created the Ruby on Rails hosting platform at