Gitlab Docker container /.r mount using up available disk space

Thanks in advance for any help.

I have Gitlab running in a Docker container in Rancher. Periodically, jobs will start to fail due to disk space issues. When I access the container shell and execute ‘df -h’ I see this is using up all the space:

/dev/sda3                                     150G  143G     0 100% /.r

The ‘/.r’ mount has one large file in it named ‘r’ which is causing the issue.

Does anyone know what this mount/file is or does and how can I avoid it growing out of control?

Thanks for any ideas.

@kevinsarsen It’s likely your Container Registry. You can check out the storage configuration here,

You can try deleting images using the API or from the UI or using the expiration policies.

But - you will still need to run garbage collection