Gitlab does not accept the invite link I received

Hello, an invitation has been sent to my e-mail address for a group. I pressed the invite link and logged into gitlab with my same email address. However, although the e-mail addresses are the same on the opened page, it does not accept the invitation. I can’t join the group.
The error message is as follows:


This invitation was sent to, but you are signed in as @medwebya with email

Sign in as a user with the matching email address, add the email to this account, or sign-up for a new account using the matching email.
Please help me.

Probably because the person who sent it put an upper case M at the beginning of the email address instead of writing everything all lower case as per your gitlab account.

Get them to send the invite again properly.

Yes probably exactly that but this is a big problem of gitlab. Gitlab should fix the capitalization issue!

I suggest you open an issue here so that the Gitlab devs can do something about it: Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

Just posting here won’t solve it. That is your best bet to a solution.