Gitlab Duo not working in JetBrains Rider IDE

I enabled Code Suggestions on Prefences, then installed GitLab Duo on Rider IDE.
After I created access_token with all scoped.
And entering that access_token but not working.
Error is here:

Can you help me?


I have not used JetBrains Rider IDE yet, but the error sounds like an authorization problem with the token.

After installing the plugin, and enabling Code suggestions in your SaaS profile, here are few thoughts to troubleshoot:

  1. If you are in a group on SaaS, the group owner also needs to enable Code Suggestions.

  2. To rule out an invalid personal access token – can you test it on the CLI with an API request? Something like this: curl -s -H "PRIVATE-TOKEN: $GITLAB_TOKEN"

  3. Similar to VS Code, the Rider IDE also has an application (debug) log. Maybe there are more insights there?

I’ve also shared your question with our engineering team. The GitLab plugin for JetBrains IDEs does not yet have a debug log, it is tracked in Add a debug mode to provide more visibility into what the plugin is doing (#111) · Issues · / editor-extensions / GitLab Duo Plugin for JetBrains · GitLab So you might not see much in the application log.

All things point to Code Suggestions not enabled for the top-level group.