Gitlab EE and LDAP : group search under group_base and other ldap specific questions

As I don’t get an answer from the mailing list (!topic/gitlabhq/zApFJJO3FTM), I decided to trigger a repost here.

I have a couple of preliminary questions that I can’t find an answer in the documentation:

  • is gitlab able to search for group in sub-nodes of the group_base ? (subtree search) :

Saying group_base is ou=branch1,dc=domain,dc=ltd, is it able to look for a group cn=mygroup,ou=project1,ou=branch1,dc=domain,dc=ltd ?

  • can we configure the membership/objectclass attributes to search when
    looking for groups or roles ? What are the default value of those when searching groups ? ( possibly member attribute and groupOfNames objectclass ) ? is it customizable ?