GitLab EE Omnibus Package for SLES 15

The GitLab installation procedure should work with newer versions of OpenSUSE and SLES.

Running the script on SLES will not work. There is not sles gitlab repository.
Running the script on OpenSUSE 15.2 will not work. There is not a 15.2 OpenSUSE repository.

  1. Please build for newer SLES and OpenSUSE. OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 is EOL.
  2. Please make a SLES repository, so that the script for adding RPM repository will work on SLES.

curl -sS | sudo bash

We had to download the script, and hack it to set os=opensuse and dist=15.1 for installoing on SLES 15.2

15.2 is the current SLES and OpenSUSE version. Soon to be surpassed by 15.3.

For the record: We have been running GitLab on SLES 12.3 and SLES 12.5 (recently upgraded), and GitLab works fine, considering GitLab only has an RPM build for SLES 12.2.

Hi @sverre
this forum is mostly for community support. If you have specific request to GitLab developers I suggest to create and Issue in their Issue tracker

I can see there are already a couple of them Issues · / omnibus-gitlab · GitLab

So GitLab developers don’t read this forum?
I will try my effort there.