Gitlab EE on a K8S cluster behind a Kong reverse-proxy : any way to configure "relative_url"?

Hi everyone,

I successfully installed Gitlab EE (v14.3.2) on a k8s cluster (v1.18.5) behind a Kong reverse-proxy/ingress.
To access the gitlab-webservice from the outside, I set “ingress.enabled” to “true” in the “values.yaml”.

  • If I set the IngressPath to “/” : I access gitlab successfully but all my others Kong routes show gitlab error 404 (I guess because IngressPath “/” passes trafic to gitlab and so overrides all other kong routes)
  • If I set the IngressPath to “/gitlab” : all routes are accessible but “/gitlab” redirects me to “/users/sign_in” and kong then returns the following error : “no Route matched with those values”

My question is : is there a way to configure a “relative_url” in a K8S Gitlab EE installation ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Best Regards