Gitlab EE with Docker and Pages

Long Post…sorry.

So I’ve been assigned a task of setting up Gitlab Pages for my company and boy am I having a bugger of time wrapping my head around all of it.
The documentation makes it seem about as straight forward as it can be, but then there is a plethora of conflicting ‘how-to’ articles and videos scattered.
I’ve tried so many different configurations in my lab with zero success.
Host 1) Ubuntu host with Docker installed and Gitlab container created – works
Host 2) Ubuntu host Gitlab Runner for CI installed > Docker Executor – works
Host 3) Ubuntu host with Docker install and Gitlab container created > this is for Pages – works as a Gitlab instance only

I can create the Page and pass it off to the Runner from Host 1 and it completes, but it never passes anything over to Host 3 which from what I’ve read is what is required to make Pages work.

Host 3) Pages > has 2 nics for IPs (1 for Gitlab Instance and 1 for Pages) if I manually enter in the IP address in the Gitlab-Ctl.rb file, it fails to load the site, the Docker Container reports as ‘unhealthy’ and just falls flat. If I leave it set to ‘default’ [ip:port] than the container is happy and it loads the instance of Gitlab but fails.

I’m 100% sure that something (from what I’ve read is the ‘Public’ folder) isn’t getting passed over to Host 3. And I’m not even 100% certain I need Host 3, but when running it with just Host 1 I would run into the same issue with the IP configuration and it would break.

I’ve searched through the forums and found a couple of posts that were close to mine, but they also never had any replies…
Some of the posts in the ‘issues/bugs’ section doesn’t give me much hope as threads fizzled out about 1 year ago with no direct answers…

Overall is this setup possible? Is there some ‘other’ documentation that I should be reading?
I know a lot of details have been left out, but these are the broad strokes and if I can’t get them solved then the details would just make this post even longer…lol

Thanks for any advice!