GitLab Enterprise: Billable Users

Is it only users who “is using seat” who are billable users?

We have configured LDAP so everyone in our company can log in. Signup is disabled.

We had 29 users in GitLab. Employees who have logged in with LDAP, including the Bots, and Admins.
The number of users that are using a seat are less then the billable users count.

Billable Users: 22

Users statistics
Billable Users 24
Total Users: 24

Two users is a Bot. Do we need to pay license for these?
GitLab Alert Bot
GitLab Support Bot
What of the Administrator user? He is not a person, but is using a seat.

I have deleted several users now from GitLab.
We now only have 20 total users, including the 2 Bots, the Administrator (root) and 2 admin users who are created locally (not LDAP users).

It still says Billable Users are 22 and 24 one the above sections.
Only 10 users now have the label “is using seat”.

Running GitLab Enterprise Edition 13.8.4
We currently do not have a valid license, just an expired trial license.

Can we have users logging in with LDAP, not counting towards the license, if they are not assigned any groups or projects. Our groups and projects are all type Internal, so our employees have read accees only without needing to be assigned on group or project level as members.

Just read in documentation:

Users added through LDAP take a licensed seat

Then all these users should have the label “is using seat”, but they don’t.
Would not deleting users recount the billable users? Since I deleted a few LDAP users, but the billable count is still the same.
Is there no way to work around this? Have our employees ability to log in GitLab, but not count on license?

Edit: I just removed the expired trial license.
Users statistics shows 17 billable users, among total 21 users.

Is there anyway to have users on GitLab through LDAP that are not billable.
Certain users do not use Git nor have any affiliation with any groups or projects., but might still need to comment on merge requests, and approve, like QA and Security.

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Some of you questions and answered at:

(several users in that issue describe use cases like yours)

I don’t know how trial licenses work, but with paid licenses there is, as I read it, no way to decrease the “Maximum users”, which is really what you pay for.