GitLab Ephemeral Environment

Does git lab have ephemeral environment service like bunnyshell?

Doing a quick google, you would have found this:

I am currently using bunnyshelliI am asking if the gitlab provided by bunnyshell provides it in its own infrastructure?

Remote development workspaces: Remote development | GitLab

Thank you for your reply, I looked at it in detail.
But as far as I understand, there is no service like bunnyshell that GitLab provides in its own infrastructure, right?Because the link you sent is not ephemeral environment

I’m not familiar with bunnyshell and its service capabilities. Are you maybe looking for workspace SSH access from a local terminal/IDE?

Because the link you sent is not ephemeral environment

It is, maybe this blog post helps to shed more light:

I added a Kubernetes agent to my project to try the workspace, but I still can’t create a workspace. what else should I do?


I recommend checking

  1. All Pre-requisites are fulfilled, Workspace configuration | GitLab
  2. Verify that a Premium/Ultimate subscription is available for using the feature.
  3. Troubleshooting Set up your infrastructure for on-demand, cloud-based development environments in GitLab
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Also note that the project in which you are creating a workspace must be under a group. It cannot be a project in your personal namespace. And as the prerequisites say, these must be under a common top-level group, to which you have developer access.

Note that we are in the process of rolling out changes to the workspaces authorization strategy, so if you have access to enable feature flags, you can also use this approach.