GitLab error 500 after update to 11v

I’m updating GitLab every Friday. Last Friday after update to 11 version GitLab started to act weird.

Being logged in I was able to refresh the settings page. See that new version is installed.
I was able to open other GitLab pages using top main menu (except Home Page, Activity).
If someone logged out, opening Home Page gets 500 error.

Did someone noticed something similar or have any ideas what went wrong?

Omnibus GitLab on AWS
GitLab 10.8.4 (2268d0c)
GitLab Shell 7.1.2
GitLab Workhorse v4.2.1
GitLab API v4
Ruby 2.3.7p456
Rails 4.2.10
postgresql 9.6.8

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Check your nginx logs: /var/log/gitlab/nginx This may give you an idea of what is going wrong.

Running handlers:
Running handlers complete
Chef Client finished, 4/480 resources updated in 21 seconds


Your git_data_dir settings are deprecated.
Please update it to the following:

“default” => {
“path” => “/git-data”

Please refer to for updated documentation.

Nothing does good in the documetation as well .
Changed the git_data_dirs in the gitlab.rb file.