Gitlab folders

Hi There,

Does anyone know what these files are for and can we just delete them ?

I got an error try to edit the .rb file

Error: mkdir /var/lib/containers/storage/overlay-containers/2fba3df7f526f85477cff96e8e653b15593529f5cd3798a80a1b800757b10758/userdata/645b7c26ece6b6154848182dd285f8b3f714e19c45d4a1115f70848975c583be: no space left on device


those are Docker image virtual filesystems, do not delete them manually using rm and alike, it can break your system. Run docker images to see the images and their size, similar to running containers, and prune the unused ones. Helpful command: docker image prune | Docker Documentation


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The error also shows you ran out of disk space when attempting to create it. You need to free some space or resize your partition if possible.

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Thanks, I have requested for more space on the partition…

Great, thanks for the response i will try the commands. Appreciate the reply.

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